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Saturday 8 May 2024



We were open all day and welcomed a stream of visitors to our theatre. A hugely successful day and we thank everyone who came to see us.

Wednesday 8 May 2024

‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer

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Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ proved to be a great choice for the Social Evening in May. It would be a fantastic future production for Prim-Raf, but with a cast of up to 48 (if we do not double up), plus the chorus, it would need very careful planning!

‘The Canterbury Tales’ represents English life at the end of the Medieval Age. It is a collection of stories about stereotype and social classes and they reveal a picture of English life in the 14th Century. The characters/the pilgrims are chosen, so that every aspect of Medieval society is represented; the aristocracy, the trades, the clergy and the labourers. The characters express typical beliefs and values common in the Middle Ages. One modern aspect of the Tales is that Chaucer presents things exactly as he sees them. He makes apologies for this in several places and asks the readers to not to be offended, telling them to just skip the parts they don’t want to read. Chaucer lets us see these folks as they really were, bad language and all! At certain times, he says something akin to, “Don’t blame me, I’m just telling you what I heard!”

The original work is a poem written in Middle English and is difficult, though not impossible, for a modern reader to understand. For this evening, however, we explored the modern version by Phil Woods and a great time was had by all as we recreated the opening scene as the pilgrims travel from Southwark to Canterbury and arrive at the Tabard Inn and we then re-enacted The Millers Tale in its entirety.


Wednesday 12 April 2024

‘The Actor’s Nightmare’ by Christopher Durang and ‘Lives in the Wind’ by Matt Cassarino

We performed two, One-Act plays this evening. ‘The Actor’s Nightmare’ by Christopher Durang, is based on a nightmare that most actors have had, often when rehearsals are not going well. The universal nightmare being that one will forget one’s lines, or corpse (come out of role) on stage! This first play proved so popular, the attendees have asked for it to be Prim-Raf’s next production!

The second half of the evening proved just as enjoyable as we explored ‘Lives in the Wind’ by Matt Cassarino. A small cast attempt to produce a sprawling, historical, century-spanning epic play, in only 15 minutes! Events start out silly and continue to unravel as the actors fight for the good roles and try to make sense of it all!

It was a fantastic evening.